In The Making - Aprons are worn by potters, printers, jewellery designers, glassware artists, sculptors, painters, weavers, art restorers, artisan businesses, gardeners... The range continues to develop through design collaborations with artists, observing their craft/making practice and looking for solutions to their needs. As a maker and painter myself, I have a special fondness for my aprons, putting one on gives me a tingle of anticipation as I get ready to work!

In The Making - Aprons are versatile, durable and comfortable with combinations of distinctive design features such as split leg (skirt) for working at the wheel or work bench, cross back straps, pocket placements, fabric types etc - so you are sure to find the right one for you. For an experienced artist, or those just setting out on creative explorations, wearing a special work apron instantly puts you into your personal creative headspace, devoting time and energy purely to art/craft practice.

Working at my little studio, in hilly-leafy South-East London UK, I design and make aprons in small batches - no sweatshops here! In The Making - Aprons are made of cotton canvas, denim or drill, selected for the appropriate weights, washability and durability. Utmost attention is paid to detail, finish and strength of construction - designed to be worn for years to come, ageing well and developing individual character.

Mindful of the environmental impact of cloth production, I choose good quality fabric, cut layouts very economically minimising waste and saving the remnants to make one-of-a-kind aprons and bags for the Boro Collection. No leather or plastic is used and metal ware is kept to a minimum. Packaging is a combination of recycled/ recyclable/compostable paper, boxes, tape and twine.

In The Making -Aprons can be found on the CRAFTS COUNCIL DIRECTORY craftscouncil.org.uk/directory/in-the-making-aprons

Lisa Bennett. Following art college I worked in the music industry for 10 years, before resuming design & illustration work; appliqué/embroidery/print childrenswear logos; prop making; craft tutorials & workshops; starting 'In The Making - Aprons' 5 years ago. I have a BA Degree in Fashion Design.